Saturday, September 22, 2007

Evolutionist bites tongue at Red Lobster

Tonight my wife and I went out for shrimp and other goodies at Red Lobster. Behind us was another couple having a conversation about the Bible and religion and the man started in on evolution about how it was incompatible with the Bible and how humans can't have evolved from other primates since we had so many unique structures.

ground beetle

His example was something about the little bones of the inner ear. Then he started in on how everything in the Bible is true because there are other independent writers that say the same thing. I began to feel like we had our own little 700 Club. Teachers complain about students lacking critical thinking skills but sometimes adults leave their brains behind especially in matters of Faith.

I found myself thinking about something that a historian, Brian Tierney(I Think) said. Namely, that Christianity was attractive to Greek and Roman philosophers because it was so subtle. Clearly Tierney must have been talking about a very different conception of Christianity* than what seemed to be passing for Christianity at the next table.

The ground beetle was at our light when we got home. Click on the image for a larger view.

*Tierney, Brian and Sidney Painter(1978) Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Knopf (p 26)
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