Thursday, August 21, 2008

***Warning Second Life Geek Attack**

Alan Levine over at his blog NMS Campus Observer, posted a way to get your in world Second Life profile as a web page(more or less). This would be useful if you wanted to display your profile to people that do not have the Second Life Client or don't want to load it.

He discusses a way to hunt up the appropriate URL by poking around in Second Life. He writes:

"Where does that link come from? I pondered. Obviously, the last part is some sort of asset ID, like each avatar has the equivalent of a texture’s database ID. I poked around URLs at many of which return XML data, and my hunch is the search engine that you use in world is XML based.

So I went in to Second Life, poked around my profile, all of the bizarre advanced settings looking for this magical string that might identify CDB Barkley via URL."

And this is really cool. I was intrigued and decided to play with this. And I will illustrate with my profile (Simone Gateaux). Go to and put an avatar's name in the search window in the upper right hand corner of the SL home page:

A new search window will open with a drop down menu. From there select SL People and run the search. Here are the results for my avatar, Simone Gateaux:

The first link that appears works like a SLurl and clicking it launches the SL client just like a SLurl. For those non geeks who are completely lost, the SLurl is a web link that loads the SL map and opens it to a specific location to which you can teleport if you have the Second Life Client.

The second link opens up the same sort of modified web version of the avatar's SL profile that is used in the actual Second Life client. So here is mine:

Grab off the page's url from your browser, for instance for me the link is

and you have it!

Thanks Alan for the interesting problem and solution!

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