Monday, August 10, 2009

Another curious inversion

The latest tactic of the far right is apparently to try to use the rhetoric of inclusion against any one they would normally want to oppress. The latest example is an attempt to force public libraries to stock books about and by members of the so called ex gay movement

There is a report here from lgbt news:

My favorite quote from this report is from a member of a group called PFOX (parents and friends of ex gays) who reportedly said:

"Apparently, the West Bend Community Memorial Library is not interested in diversity," said a PFOX person claimed. "We urge Michael Tyree, the library's director, to be inclusive of the ex-gay community and accept our donation of ex-gay books. According to its own policy, the Library has a 'professional responsibility to be inclusive, not exclusive, in developing collections.'"

Oh right, like these people are really interested in diversity. These are after all the same people who oppose basic civil rights for LGBT people at every turn. Why am I not impressed with their argument?

By the way this group bandies about a new term: heterophobia which they claim is on the rise!


What do these idiots think we are, stupid? OK, don't answer that.
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