Friday, February 15, 2013

02-13-2013 Equisetum

02-13-2013 Equisetum by pdecell
02-13-2013 Equisetum, a photo by pdecell on Flickr.

From these come horses out of the ground,
horses complete with proud arched neck
and swishing tail made from hair worms,
eyes carbuncle bright, steam from nostrils,
pelt shimmering with new born dew-
horses stamping impatient feet to be shod
for the Master of the Horse, Caesaar’s right arm
in Rome.

Get on with it Mark Anthony,
expansive big cocked man,
magic Roman man risen like horse
as if out of the ground fully formed,
born with flagon in hand.

Why impotent against the Parthians
magic Roman man and why bear pelt shouldered
did you try to tame large cats to pull you
through the streets of Rome and
why did you let yourself be rendered after death
by the technicians of salt and bitumen-
your flagon full for when you awake
with your queen,
your horse rendered down for food
for slaves-
no more stomping impatient feet.

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