Monday, April 01, 2013

April Haiku

I don't do much with haiku but wanted to try to do a haiku a day to get my poetic flow going again. So I will just add to this page-hopefully daily.

April 1...

Sleepless last night

coyote pups yip
tumbling sound into the night
car growls, later doves

April 2...

Cedars chop bright fog
green fields spread out for a feast
I drive to the sun

April 3...

snow petals echo
on magnolia branches
frogs in cold water

April 4/5...

red buds on blue sky
brief flash overrun by green
snakes on warm rocks soon

morning sky curved moon
trees upside down in the pond
better than the things?

April 7...

Tall candle from bees
burning but always with us
moon almost empty

quick hail

drops clack on the roof
lightning stirring in the clouds
then greening silence


water drains dusk light
robins sing to each other
busy wren to itself

April 10...

lecturing, eyes fly
away to the white topped trees
petals fall in rain

green shoots from branches
hurrying in the warm rain
listen fireworks!

April 13...

Spring green shoots rising
light the dark around the trees
fireflies in July

April 14...

gulls wheel in pink dawn
over the cold spring furrow
white grubs in the muck

Been awhile thanks to end of semester stuff and family issues...

April 20...

yellow paper lips
call me to outside myself
irony, gold mouth.

April 22…

the bird riffs morning
must be serious business
if the singer hides

April 25...

grass laden geese pair
wings kissing baby leafed trees
echos to the east

We have had a spate of bad weather but today was sunny and I found these wonderful lilies along the path to my office. One of the campus groundskeepers said that these flowers smell like skunk. I couldn't detect it. I am one of those people that enjoys the musk scent of skunk and just thinking about it triggered memories...hence

orange skunk lily
no divine scent from its robes
musk woods remembered.

April 26...

Driving to work, many times I get frustrated because I can't stop and look at the trees along the the route-divided highway with impatient drivers.  What's really frustrating as a photographer is that often in the morning I hit this road just when the light is perfect for certain types of shots-yesterday for instance. There was this one view where there was a roadcut into the rock and these young trees with their golden green leaves perfectly illumed by the early sun's light.  Light also glinting on the freshly wet rock. Of course in a flash both they and I moved on.

gold leaves waxy young
the frustration of April
scribbles on work scrap

April 27...
drops shake in the wind
look quickly before they join
my knees wet with mud
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