Saturday, May 18, 2013

Unusual Visitor

Unusual Visitor by pdecell
Unusual Visitor, a photo by pdecell on Flickr.
Being in a new subdivision I don't get too many unusual insects. But last night a "fish fly" (Megaloptera) came to my house light. This and the other shots in this series were taken on my screened porch just before I released the insect. Bugguide suggests this is Chauliodes rastricornis.

The larvae are aquatic and the adults are nocturnal and have relatively short life spans. This one came to my lights at night and I took this shot just before I released it in the morning. The insect is maybe 3 cm long- roughly an inch and a half. The order Megaloptera was originally considered to be a suborder of the Neuroptera which today includes more familiar insects such as lacewings and antlions.
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