Friday, November 04, 2005

The force that through

Starting out. The title comes from a poem by Dylan Thomas. If you are not familiar with him, you might check out the Dylan Thomas Home Page at My blog is an outgrowth of a running commentary called greenfuse on my academic website, The Entangled Bank at But doing everything in html got to be cumbersome and of course does not allow for the sort of participatory evolution that I wanted.

Woops do I dare use the E word? I have been actively involved in the evolution flap in Kansas: I will not say controversy because that evolution happens is not controversial; we know that evolution happens. So if your faith perspective requires you to treat your sacred text as a science book get over it because that simply is not what science is about and it is not the way the world seems to work.

Several good evolution blogs are Pharyngula at . A more complete listing of evolution blogs is at

Links to evolution and its misguided critics are at

Indeed the whole talk origins site is a wonderful resource.
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