Monday, January 08, 2007

I've been tagged... one of those pesky memes which has manipulated Jon Voisey (No wonder he's the Angry Astronomer) to tag me. Seems I am supposed to grab the nearest book, go to page 123. This part would be hard to do were George Bush tagged. Then go to the fifth sentence and write down the next three sentences and then tag three other unsuspecting bloggers. Jon had a really good book closest to him and it's too bad I got tagged while I am sitting in my living room with my laptop...hmmm wonder if a pdf of Origin of the Species counts? Quick download one!

But OK no cheating and no digressions about just what is a book these days anyway and what do you mean by nearest book? The Nearest book happens to be Circle of the Moon by Barbara Hambly. The jacket says:

"Returning to the wondrous world of Sisters of the Raven, Barbara Hambly presents a suspenseful new story of a fledgling group of women who must develop their own magical properties before the demons of the past return to kill again."

I take this to mean the ID people aren't done with Kansas yet. On to page 123:
OK...fifth sentence and write down the next three...write them where? Oh type them into the computer!!!

Here we are:

"I don't understand." Shaldis moved her shoulders into the powerful massage of the bath woman's hands. She and Summerfield had passed through the soaping and rinsing, the bubbling hot pools and the steam in small talk and silence; now they lay on towels and warmed marble in the delicious afterglow stage that made actual baths-as opposed to the pan and pitcher scrubs with which most people started their mornings-such addictive pleasure. The royal bath women were the best in the realm and had hands like blacksmiths."

Ohh those hands! Well at least Jon knows I didn't run to the computer in my study. It's on and close to lots of really cool books. My only defense of this book is that anything supernatural in clearly intended to be fiction.

Now who to tag...ah I know. I am going to tag John at Blogmeridian. He always has cool books. Next I think I will go down South and tag Elissa Malcohn over at Chronicles from Hurricane Country. She's been real busy getting her own book out but this is a sneaky way of maybe getting a taste. **eg** Finally it's back to Kansas to tag J.D. over at Evolution-take the next step. He's a mathematics type which means he's got lots of cool books even if they don't make much sense to the rest of us.

Now I guess I am not supposed to tell them they have been tagged but let them discover it themselves.

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