Monday, January 01, 2007

Sheep PETA and Ethics...

A commenter on my recent post about the gay sheep research sent me ths very interesting link about PETA's involvement in this whole check out this link from thenexthurrah:

The author, one empty pockets on reading PETA's claims about this research went and interviewed Dr. Proselli abut PETA's claim that the research is designed to help cure homosexuality in humans.

Emptypockets concludes:

"PETA has joined the company of intelligent designists and global warming deniers, those who misreport scientific research, cherry-pick results, and flat-out lie to further their political agenda. PETA picked Dr. Roselli because sheep are adorable, unlike mice or flies, and because gay rights is a hot-button issue. They lied about his work and his intention because they want to turn as much of the public as they can against scientists who use animals. Lying about and distorting science in a campaign against biology research is something I've come to expect from the right, from Kansas school boards and Sen. Santorum. We should not allow it to take root on the left."
Very true and I hope my readers will check this post out for themselves.

A tip of the antennae to Jim Newman for the link.

Update 1/4/07 also from Jim Newman is this article from the Daily Kos:
A wolf in gay sheep's clothing: Corruption at the London Times

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