Sunday, February 04, 2007

the KGB it's cold out there edition.

We've had a pretty good run of cold weather this last week so it's time to curl up with your heater cat and check up on the state of Kansas Blogging.
winter in North Lawrence

Politics of course is a big preoccupation of Kansas Bloggers and we have yet another controversy, this time over a move by the Lawrence City Commission to set up a domestic partnership registry. Fellow Lawrence blogger Mike Silverman reports in his blog Red Letter Day, on an attempt by a conservative legislator to prohibit local governments from setting up such registries. Silverman claims that some conservatives favor local control until localities do something they don't like. Mike by the way is an avid Mac fan as you can see here.

Why is it that sex is such a threat to Kansans? Yours truly has had a snoot full with the people who are criticizing a proposal to require HPV vaccines for preteens. As you will see I am slowly loosing patience with various sorts of parental rights arguments when it comes to public health and child welfare and wonder if parents have the ethical and moral right to act against the child's best interest merely because of the parents religious beliefs.

Joel Mathis at Cup o' Joel is up again after a break from blogging. He observes about blogging that:

"Sometimes, though, I get sick of myself. That’s where I was at the end of December. I was out of writing ideas, and I had enough other things to attend to in life that spending intellectual energy to say not much about not much seemed beyond narcissistic — it seemed an abuse of the privilege that is this forum."

Well I am glad he's back.

What would Kansas be without dialogue concerning creationism and Jon Voisey has been having a somewhat friendly dialog with another Kansas Blogger FTK(For the Kids) about stellar evolution. Check Jon's latest entry in the dialog here and FTK's (at Reasonable Kansans)here. They have managed to disagree and keep things civil so kudos for the two of them.

This month is Black History Month, and emawkc discusses this in Blacklash posted
at Three O'Clock in theMorning.

On a lighter note LadyGunn has solved the mystery of where flushes from the toilet go and introduces us to a new vocabulary term. And if that doesn't grab you trot on over to KS Cowboy and meet Pappy the troll. Gwynne meanwhile has been having a little trouble with m&ms. It was bound to happen.

John at Blog Meridian will be hosting the kgb next week. He has been off, he says playing the good son, but I suspect he is the good son.

Note: This posting is actually early to avoid violating the rules of the Just Science Challenge which requires me to post on only science for the next week.

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