Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Here!

My new computer from Velocity Micro came yesterday. I won't bore you with a geeky review but suffice to say every thing arrived in one piece and works. The specs are pretty much as shown here though I did have to go with an Asus mother board due to a hardware compatibility issue which the Velocity people caught. Everything was well packed and organized including all the little left over pieces that I might or might not need at some point.

Here is a look at the case...Doug Patterson will be pleased to note that it does have a blue LED. Doug once got on my case with my first system when I complained about the blue LED (AKA eye of Sauron) that was on the sub woofer for the speaker system.

No Doug since you will ask, I did not get the clear side panel so as to gaze upon the machine's innards bathed in blue light. However, the keyboard and mouse scroll bar are lit in glorious blue LED's. Also when you close the lower door the intake grid has the Velocity Micro logo.

The only things I don't like are the keyboard which has a slightly stiffer feel then I am used to. The hand rest is clear plastic back lit with a blue LED(of course). Also, the machine is a bit noisier than I was hoping it would be but quieter than my old system.

But it has all enough ports of various sorts to keep me happy and the media reader is great. I haven't had a chance to work with the DVD drives in any serious way but they seem to work fine as far as reading is concerned.

All the software was properly installed and Vista is better behaved and more stable than I feared it might be. I had heard about supposed hardware compatibility problems, for instance with Linksys wireless cards. But mine seems to work great. Also it is nice to have a machine at home that doesn't choke on Second Life even with the SL graphics settings pushed to the max.

So overall if you're looking for a computer, you might check out Velocity Micro over the big guys. For what I wanted, the prices were more than competitive and the service so far has been great.
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