Monday, January 21, 2008

Full Moon

Somnolescent, you beside me it seem
A spot of light fingers your sleeping form
Which leaves me just a moment of unwarm
Till captured in a spell of lucid dream
Where nothing astounds me about that stream
Of light angelic and well by you born
And me from this time never to be torn.
But I awake surprised by that bright gleam,
As I watch you, light spilling on your breast.
I know you will soon stir from your visions,
Those darkling dreams that share your sleeping room.
So I turn around to face my lucent guest
Whose lupine light streams with such precision
And with such milk moon glow, my love illume.

This is supposed to be a sonnet and though I have never written a sonnet before, decided that this week's Totally Optional Prompt to write a sonnet looked like a good chance to stretch myself a bit.
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