Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Features in Second Life

One thing Second Life users have long been screaming for is better integration with the web. Linden Lab's new Second Life client finally address these issues. First is an integrated media browser that allows the user to open a web page in a dedicated Second Life window rather than launching an external browser page. This feature works like OnRez's internal media browser.


What is really cool is that I can open my blog page and work on my blog from within Second Life. I am not sure if OnRez does this. But as a blogger I think this is really slick to be able to do.

SL has also introduced the ability to display a web page on a Second Life object or prim. This goes a a long way to enabling complex displays including large amounts of text on a prim, something that up to now has taken some really kludgy work arounds. To the left is a picture showing my avatar, Simone, with the media viewer interface on the left and my blog displayed on a prim.

There are some limitations. Right now you can not have multiple web pages displayed on the same parcel. Also the visitor cannot interact with the web page. So even though the web page's scroll bars show up on the prim, the user can't interact with the page.


However, if I am giving an in world presentation on my land or land where I have permissions I could control the display of pages from within the media browser. It is a bit clunky but you could do it. I think this would be most useful for web pages with URL's that include targets to areas with the page, or blogs where you want to display different entries.

Second Life's official blog has more information for Second Life users about these new features.
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