Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dogwood Canyon Summer 2013

Look at that!Cohesion and adhesionBecause I can...May is gone...Falls...Splish-splash.
Still...Top of Thunderfalls...Seven Stump SpringGetting in your spine...The Damsels are dancing...Against the current
Three trunksWar of the RosesTee-peeTee-peeTee-peeTee-pee
Ledger at Glory HoleAt Glory HoleGlory HoleLooking down into Glory HoleIMG_9896Cave illumed

Dogwood Canyon Summer 2013, a set on Flickr.

Took a couple days to get out of town and go to the Ozarks. Saturday went hiking at Dogwood Canyon. This is a private park but worth a day. Best to come in the middle of the week when it isn't as crowded as it was this Saturday. You can rent a bike, take a tram ride or even rent a Segway. But the park is best seen on foot. The main trail is paved but there is one side trail that is not. But I know from past experience the flies can be really bad there so I stuck to the main spite of the Segway riders.

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