Monday, June 26, 2006

My Synthetic Pond

pond1Been a bit preoccupied this week building a pond in my yard. I call it a synthetic pond because it really is after all a glorified aquarium without the full richness of a real pond. My pond is small, only about 4.5 foot by 6.0 foot and a maximum of 24" deep-enough depth for me to have water lilies. On Saturday, got the edging more or less done so yesterday was plant day. So I went down to the Water's Edge and spent about $100 on aquatic plants. I got some marginal plants including a pickerel "weed" and a dwarf lotus. I wanted one of the BIG lotus plants but they are are so big that one plant can fill my whole pond. Also I got a hardy water lilly and a couple of water hyacinth. Yes I know the latter will fill my pond in no time if I am not careful.

Of course I needed some terrestrial plants and the next stop was Sunset Garden, where I got some sedums, and another porcupine grass. This is a nice yellow green grass with yellow horizontal striping, so the effect is similar to the pattern on a porcupine quill. That and some mint from my other garden is pretty much it. Oh I did buy a nice shrubby Willow with cool blue green foliage to soften things up a bit.

Having water even just a small pond as mine makes a big difference. The reflections in late afternoon are just magical. Already, I have found a diving beetle and have dragonflies mating. Probably next week I will add some fish, no Koi my pond is too small but perhaps I will go to the local bait shop and get some feeder goldfish just for looks and get some mosquito fish from the wetlands. Oh and maybe an otter and a manatee to keep the water hyacinth under control.

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