Saturday, June 10, 2006

Postscript: A bit more about CMA

My wife who is in the medical field, was surprised at my mild reaction to CMA, and she argued that faith ought not enter into therapy. She has a point, so to elaborate: I guess I was thinking in terms of a patient whose desire and goal was to live within the teachings of the Church. That said, I do not believe that any therapist should impose his or her moral judgments on the patient if the patient goals lie elsewhere. Therapy should be non judgmental, and I certainly would question a CMA affiliated therapist's ability to do that.

The big issue I was focusing on was the distorted view of science and human nature being pushed by CMA. I might point out that CMA appears to be instrumental in the hardline being taken by the Church toward homosexuals in the priesthood and unfairly scapegoating them. See their open letter to the Bishops based on the same flawed science and view of human nature as their publication on therapy. Also CMA supports the moral right of medical providers to refuse to give patient requested treatments the provider objects to on moral grounds, a position I find both unethical and morally questionable.

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