Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He don't get no respect!

Richard Dawkins gave a great talk last night and I will be posting more later this week, but imagine my surprise when I learned in today's Lawrence Journal World that a theoretical physicist had slammed intelligent design. Umm had I missed an important talk? Well no:


The award-winning Oxford University theoretical physicist talked on "The
God Delusion" at the Lied Center as part of the KU Hall Center's Humanities
Lecture Series. While the evolution debate has quieted since a majority of
pro-intelligent design Kansas Board of Education members were voted out in this
year's primary elections, Dawkins still stressed the importance of not buying
the logic behind the design theory. Design proponents, Dawkins said, believe
that any flaw in evolution theory means that biological design by a higher power
must be the answer. That, he said, is flatly not true.
"I.D. is granted immunity from the rigorous standards of science," he said.

Well, at least the reporter got some things right.
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