Monday, October 23, 2006

Kansas Guild of Bloggers

Better late than never. Been a bit busy with family matters this last week but did uncover an interesting mix of articles.

First, from John over at Blog Meridian, a review of Mark Z. Danielewski's new novel, Only Revolutions followed by a funny look at the Dewey decimal and Library of Congress classification system. Brings back fond memories of my undergraduate school where some libraries used Dewey and others used Library of Congress.

Several bloggers have commented on recent changes in Kansas and national politics, and we can always count on Red State Rabble for political commentary, for instance this one, about Phil Kline's campaign.

Over at Right Minded Thinking, Jason gives a, well conservative, analysis of the Mark Foley scandal:

Striking a less serious tone, Lady Gunn wonders why October 22 is not a holiday:

Richard Dawkins spoke at KU last Monday and here are three different takes on Dawkins and his talk:

Forthekids, over at reasonablekansans, was not happy with his talk and thinks perhaps she was one of only a few people there that did not view Dawkins as the bearer of truth. I am not so sure about that, but certainly the audience was extremely friendly to Dawkins.

Pat Hayes of Red State Rabble is much friendlier to Dawkins and observes that "Dawkins sees a shifting of the tectonic plates when it comes to the public acceptance of non-belief. And Monday night, at the Lied Center, you could almost believe it was happening around you."

Josh Rosenau at Thoughts from Kansas liked parts of the talk but found other parts disappointing and I highly recommend following the discussion thread with this article:

Joel Mathis seems to need a good cuppa Joe right now and I think I do as well:

Finally I end with my own submission dealing with the death of my father-in-law who we buried today in Wetmore Kansas, north of Topeka.

The oldest building in Wetmore is the Jail which according to the historical marker is called the Calaboose. It looks like it can hold one prisoner...standing. This is a really interesting part of the state and maybe we can round up some bloggers from this area.

Pictures of Wetmore including the Calaboose are at:

If you have a Kansas related blog or article related to Kansas, submit your entry to the kgb's submission page! Next week's kgb carnival will be probably be back to Blog Meridian. So get blogging and submit something. You really don't want us to come after you.

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