Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sunset in the Wetlands

My son and I took a walk at sunset in the Baker Wetlands. The leaves are mainly gone and the only colors left are subtle, playing off the setting sun. It is a real challenge to capture them and convey the feeling this place evokes at this time of year.

The beaver have been busy, cutting saplings and making this big pile, presumably for the winter. This beaver pile was at the entrance to the wetlands.

There were several different type of berries such as these soft red berries which were covered with a white fuzz as were most of the branches and everything else in the wetlands-fuzz like the debris left over from a party. Look closely. The fuzz is carrying small seeds.

No this is not a winter photograph with snow, but the white fuzz clinging to the branches of the trees and backlit by the western sky just after sunset.

And the source of the fuzz : cattails. By this time the light was low enough that it was not easy to get a crisp shot with a hand held camera. I do like the effect-alley cats at attention.

A panoramic view of the wetlands shows several different vegetation types. What at first seems a layer of fog forming in the distance is a stand of light colored trees.

One last look: the sky reflected in the water.

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