Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Justice Scalia and Global Warming:

A report today on National Public Radio summarized the first day of Supreme Court hearings in a major case brought against the EPA by a number of states for alleged failure of the EPA to enforce antipollution laws in the case of carbon dioxide.

Justice Scalia showed his ignorance and contempt for science as in this exchange with one of the plaintiff's attorneys:

Scalia pointed to the government's assertion that carbon
dioxide is not a pollutant. "But," said Scalia, "You say it is, once it goes up
into the stratosphere and contributes to global warming."

your honor," Milkey answered, "It is not the stratosphere. It's the troposphere,
from the ground up to nine miles above."

"Whatever," replied Scalia.
I'm not a scientist. That's why I don't want to have to
deal with global warming, to tell you the truth."

Why is he sitting on the Supreme Court then?

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