Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brrrrrr.....welcome to Kansas and the kgb!

I love the changing seasons and only in Kansas can we go from butterflies

to ice

in one week. The first picture is from November 24 at Clinton Lake. Yes that is a butterfly-the ragged wings indicate that it is old, not a recently emerged. The second picture is actually from the ice storm we had in early 2001, since I did not get any good snow shots during this weekend's storm.

Carolyn over at A Prairie View played hooky on Friday but did manage to get some nice pictures of the snow. At BitterSweetLife, Ariel shows that the urban landscape gets transformed by the snow. Happy in Bag has a really shot just as the snow is starting to fall on the plaza. KS cowboy down in South Central Kansas has a bit of misguided longing for the old days.

John over at Argghhhh! blogs on the proposed test for new citizens and wonders how many high school graduates would pass...hmmmm.

Emawkc, over at Three O'Clock in the Morning (the REAL one) has been decorating his house and also has a fine meditation on free will and the meaning of life. He also sends this clever though some might say, irreverent, picture. Somehow this very short poem by j.d (not to be confused with h.d.) seems appropriate here.

John B. has an interesting series of posts on collage students(no that's not a typo) and I am struck by how similar the problems he faces in the humanities are to the ones I face in the sciences with college students. He writes:

"What my students appear to lack, more than intelligence, are two things: a) a sense of curiosity: the desire to seek out information about what they bump into in their reading, their listening, their looking around them; and b) excellence borne of caring--that is, the sense that what interests them will interest someone else and thus is worth the trouble of expressing clearly and with attention to detail in writing."

Reminds me of the comment I made to a student to goad him in to a modicum of interest in an online search exercise that if he didn't change his attitude he was going to end up as road kill on the information superhighway.

Some political blogging did happen this week: Josh over at Thoughts from Kansas and yours truly both note Justice Scalia's jaw dropping comments about Global warming. I also supply some supporting links to global warming related issues. Cold weather in Kansas gets us thinking a bit more about saving energy and there is an interesting thread at Thoughts from Kansas on using compact fluorescent bulbs.

Brings up a point. We have been experimenting with LED Christmas lights. They are cool to the touch and seem to last a long time. The color is very nice, but more intense and pure compared to regular Christmas bulbs. In fact I have a strand up over my fire place that has been going since last Christmas. They are much more expensive than regular bulbs so I wouldn't plan on replacing all your lights at once-plus new ones are coming out all the time.

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