Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Great Gift Idea...or NOT!

Taking a break from grading exams, what do I find in the noosphere but a gift idea, Help Mom There are Liberals under my Bed! To get an idea of the plot go to this link from the New Republic online:

Here is the New Republic's partial synopsis of the plot:

"Two grade-school brothers set out to earn money for a new swing set by opening a lemonade stand. But, when the aspiring entrepreneurs dream one night about "a very strange place called Liberaland," the story shifts into satire-saturated adult fare, as a series of "dastardly Liberals" pop up to meddle in the venture. A Ted Kennedy look-alike ("Mayor Leach") demands half the boys' take in taxes, a Hillary Clinton-inspired "Congresswoman Clunkton" makes them cut the sugar in their product and give out broccoli with each glass, and an "lclu" lawyer replaces their picture of Jesus with that of a big toe."

I think you get the idea. Needless to say since I don't keep my liberals UNDER the bed I will not be buying this book.

But if you want, you can go to the author's website at:

Supposedly liberals are furious (according to a PR release and PR releases are of course ALWAYS reliable) about this book and it's companion book titled Help Mom Hollywood's in my Hamper, but I suspect most liberals are chortling about this book. We do have a sense of humor after all.
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