Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brownback relents on Neff Nomination

Senator Brownback has realized he went too far in blocking Janet Neff's nomination to the Federal Bench.

Most telling is the opposition from other conservatives such as Charles Reid to Brownback's stance:

First of all, people go to parties for all sorts of reasons,” Professor Fried
said, and how one would rule on a case should not be inferred from that private
activity. Further, he said, "It would be inappropriate for the judge to
recuse herself from any such case because it is a judge’s duty to sit on cases"
unless there is a clear conflict of interest. There would be a genuine conflict
of interest, he said, if the judge had a financial interest in a case’s result
or had been associated with one of the parties in the case.

“For her to agree to any such restriction in this case would be wrong...”

Somehow I don't think we have seen the end of Senator Brownback's attempts to exploit LGBT people. After all he says of gay marriage, that this is "a big hot buttion issue".

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