Monday, April 09, 2007

Kansas Guild of Bloggers...


Easter is over and it's time for another edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers.

Give EMAWKC a hug. He's upset about Bob Huggins, K State's basketball coach, leaving to go to a job at West Virginia. I don't follow sports a whole lot (Baskeball season ended for me when KU lost), but I think emawkc is right to be upset so allow him what he calls his self indulgent crap.

See Joel Mathis' take on Huggins departure at:

I notice that Lady Gunn, my favorite Republican blogger, has been reading Robert Jordon's Wheel of Times series and she is so preoccupied with it that she apparently failed to notice a problem with a painting in her masthead, the sort of thing that gets the FCC to fine networks big bucks. Tisk Tisk! Not familiar with the series she's reading but will look it up-as if I need any distractions as the semester comes to its climax.

Gwynne over at The Shallow End had a veterinary emergency with her dog Smokey and I am glad it turned out better than my dog emergency last fall.

Late April Fool's Joke? Pat Hayes over at Red State Rabble has a somewhat odd report about a special topics class being offered at McCook Community College in Southwest Nebraska on "Creation Science".

Speaking of colleges and learning, Josh at Thoughts from Kansas, co host of KGB. tells us why he blogs and I think he has captured an important part of why we more academic types blog in his article My invisible college.

Which brings us to a bit of analysis by John over at Blog Meridian who examines why he is not fan of Thomas Kincaid.

Continuing the academic thread, I leave the carnival with a brief post highlighting a new discovery about the genetics behind size differences among different breeds of dogs.

Next week the KGB travels over to Blog either contact John with your posts or submit your Kansas related blogging via the KGB submission page.

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