Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Semester

We just began our fall semester and there are lots of exciting things happening. First, I get to teach genetics in our brand new technology building. Lots of new equipment to learn and more keeps on coming. New books as well! I switched over to Griffith et al's book, Modern Genetic Analysis (9th edition). I am not sure all my students will be able to handle it but I am hoping the clear illustrations and engaging writing grab them.

In biology, we switched to Campbell et al's Biology: concepts and connections after several tries to get away from the more encyclopedic texts that seemed to intimidate our students. Personally I found myself handicapped by the smaller texts since they typically leave out the sorts of examples that I like to use.

Oh and our college now has a Second Life island. Not much there yet but I am ready-complete with office, or at least a prototype office. Looks a lot like my RL office but the aim is to have this be to offices like telephone booths are to Dr. Who's space ship.


The views and door are from my RL office. Here is a peek inside:

the office
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