Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Summer Lull

I haven't been posting or reading much this summer. Sometimes the brain just needs to do other things or be quiet. So aside from teaching and gardening I have been on hold for a bit blog wise. My main online activity has been getting a bit more into Second Life since my school is planning to get an Island. That doesn't mean I haven't been taking in some real life.

One routine we have in the summer is spending Saturday morning at the Lawrence Farmer's Market. I believe this is one of the best markets around and there is always something new. This week the Free State Fly Fishers had a booth. Now I don't fish, but I was fascinated by the flies and fly making equipment they had available.

Here are the members of the club...


fly making equipment...

fly making equipment

and some flies...

some flies

My son fishes and I actually think his fishing style is suited to fly fishing. But he figures he would get his line tangled all the time. He may be right but I did steer him toward these jolly fishers. So we will see.

By the way, the Free State Fly Fishers have web site with an appropriately Kansas logo, so hop (or flop) on over for a visit at: http://www.freestateflyfishers.org/
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