Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a fun meme

What's more fun than reflecting on your past beloved pets and plants? This is courtesy of Nelumba's Garden Blog, where she got it from just go to her site.

#1 What's your earliest memory you have of becoming fascinated with living things- gardens, animals, etc ?

We had a double lot and part of it was let grow semi wild and it was always full of butterflies and had lots of milkweed with these wonderful red longhorn beetles. They would make a squeeking noise when picked up. There were also large dragnflies and my mother would warn me not to try to catch them because they would sew my mouth shut. As for gardening we had an elderly neighbor who gardened and both my sister and I would visit him as he worked in his garden and he would give us fresh vegetables. Mr. Crandell was kind of a "free thinker" and I used to sit with him in the evening and we would talk about plants and animals. He was a big influence on me.

#2 What was your first pet? (I'm adding my own question here- what was your first plant pet?)
Of my own? Do paramecia and brine shrimp count? Actually had a wonderful white cat named snowball. Also had an anole and a spotted salamander.

#3What was your favorite pet?

That is hard!

I guess aside from an Akita I owned as a grad student, probably Snowball. Have also had lots of nice cats in my day. Right now have a 16 year old Siamese with chronic kidney failure.
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