Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Creationist Puffery.

Lately I have been seeing stickers that say "Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. " My first reaction was puzzlement: is this pro or anti-evolution. After all, I do have a soft spot for a good fairy tale. They require imagination, something I value. But of course the slogan is anti-evolution and foisted on the public by people who have no imagination. Now a shadowy group of business people fronted by a Lawrence local concrete magnate, Dave Penny are erecting billboards with this slogan and a link to a pseudoscientific creationist site

Dave Penny has a degree from MIT. Presumably he learned how to think there and is not a stupid person. That being the case I can only conclude he has some sort of delusion and ought to consider therapy, or he is pushing this creationist stuff to further his well known conservative ideological bent, much as the conservative Kansas Board of Education. Some family values: pushing lies to further a political agenda.

So here is my slogan: Creationism: not even a fairy tale. :-)

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