Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Abominable Snowman in Lawrence!

Inspired by true events...

Thursday morning I received a call from my wife asking me if I had seen the footprints in the yard. She had noticed them when she was leaving for her job in Topeka.

"Definitely human footprints only the person was barefoot and my boss said that there could be a homeless person living in the woods."

"Kay, that sounds really unlikely to me but this is Lawrence, and we've had other strange things happen such as the escaped cows in our I will go look."

So out I went and I did find some prints, but they were not very deep...

"Hey Kay nope not human, I think rabbit"

"But they look like bare feet you can see the toes and everything."

"Nope rabbit"

"Well how do you know? Were you there? After all you can't test anything that happened in the past"

"Kay, I have seen rabbit footprints before and these are rabbit."

"Just because you are trained as a biologist doesn't mean I am are just plain dogmatic. They looked human to me. You are being dogmatic."

"This is just based on experience...Kay look at this picture. I wasn't about to freeze my toes off here but notice how much deeper my shoe print is than the the ones like you found."

"I still think they are human. Why do you always have to explain everything away as something ordinary? Just a rabbit...huh maybe they are that hobbit man or a gnome. A baby Sasquatch. There all kinds of strange sightings even in Kansas."

"Kay I am a scientist and we look for the simplest explanations first."

"That is silly, all you scientists think alike. It is some sort of liberal group think. You need to think outside the box. Maybe you should go work for the government."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well everyone knows those government scientists fake data..if you are told to think rabbit then you're going to think rabbit."

"Besides that rabbit idea is just a theory and scientists deal with empirical facts-not interpretations."

Sigh...fortunately at that point my cell phone died.

**any relationship to current public discussions about science is purely coincidental.
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