Wednesday, December 26, 2007

At Disney World...Part II: the pictures.

I've posted pictures from our trip on my flickr photostream. I estimate I took 3GB of photos and I have edited them down to the best and have grouped them as follows:

Epcot-General pictures.

Didn't spend as much time roaming around Epcot is we have in the past. But we did spend more time at the aquarium and most of those fishy pictures are grouped by themselves.

Epcot- Aquarium pictures


Most of the fish pictures were shot in the Coral Reef Restaurant. We were seated right by the aquarium which made for great shooting to my wife's dismay. She claims I only spoke 10 words to her since I was so intent on trying to get good pictures. She exaggerates-it was more like 20 words.

MGM Studios

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We spent part of an afternoon exploring MGM and this set includes some action shots from an Indiana Jones show.

Magic Kingdom which includes some great fireworks pictures.

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At least I like them since I was just experimenting with taking pictures under low light conditions. Also have some nice parade shots. Disney does wonderfully choreographed parades.

Disney Flowers and Plantings.

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December probably isn't the best time to see flowers at Disney, but what can I say except "Florida: where the houseplants are outside"... and a lot bigger than mine. There were lots of nice plants out if you looked carefully beyond the mass plantings. Disney uses lots of ferns and cycads which I definitely appreciate.
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