Thursday, December 06, 2007

What are they afraid of?

Here is a disturbing article from the Telegraph out of England. It seems a group of Dutch creationists are distributing copies of Sir David Attenborough's natural history documentaries that they have doctored to omit or minimize basic facts of science with which they don't agree.

Sir Attenborough comments that:

"Instead of saying "70 million years ago, something happens," they say "a very long time ago something happens". They also omit paragraphs such as: "This is inherited from my warm-blooded ancestors,"" Sir David told the Telegraph. "I would much rather they kept to the letter, as far as that is possible, of what I said."

But of course they won't, because the creationists want to indoctrinate their own kids with their scientific misunderstandings. To me not teaching kids about what science believes about how the world operates is a form of child abuse needs to recognized for what it is. If it was just their own children that were being so abused that would be bad enough but as the article notes:

"BBC documentaries have been made compatible with creationist views by replacing spoken English text by an adapted spoken Dutch text, or by cutting whole scenes."

This editing seems to be much like the sort of authoritarian massaging and muzzling of science that the Bush administration engages in routinely to gain political advantage. What are these creationists afraid of? Don't they think their faith can stand up to science?


Creationists rewrite natural history

Tip of the antennae to a poster from Skepticality for pointing this article out.
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