Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some personal news and a new blog.

The Force celebrated it's 2nd birthday last month. My first blog post is here if you want to see how this started and I have been thinking of what else to do blog wise that might be a bit more focused. Last Spring I was in the Lawrence Journal World's Citizen Journalism Academy and the LJW has been expanding community blogging activities. So as part of that effort I have set up a new blog on their site called Dangerous Ideas. This is meant to be a strictly science blog, focusing more on local science than this blog does.

The idea is best explained by the opening post to Dangerous Ideas where I say in part:

"I use dangerous here in a positive sense. For me science is a liberating force. It doesn't do away with a sense of wonder, a sense of poetry or wonder. But science does not worship mystery but replaces it with a sense of awe at the quirky creativeness of the universe. This blog will focus on science. I will try to stay away from politics and religion...there are plenty of other blogs that do that including my companion blog at The Force that Through".

My aim there is to try to present science with a minimum of jargon, keep the really geeky and philosophical stuff here and let the local readership in Lawrence doing their own reacting. But here will continue to luxuriate in geekiness and poetry and the other stuff. Of course visitors here are welcome to hop on over there and vice versa.

Unlike here, comments do not have to be approved by me which will probably make the occasional trolls that accuse me of censorship happy. There will be some cross posting between the blogs, just as I occasionally build blog entries here from comments I make else where. My last post here is a good example as it is built from a comment I made on the LJW site.

There is yet more bloggy experimentation to come, so stay tuned.
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