Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bush Science or Clerical Error?

In Tuesdays Chronicle for Higher Education, Sam Kean reports on a curious omission from a list of majors qualifying for a new Federal grant program meant to provide support for students in important scientific, technological and language areas. Apparently students majoring in evolutionary biology, are not eligible for this program. In the classification system used at the department of education evolutionary biology is shown, but it is absent from the list of eligible majors. Hmm let's not reward people for majoring in the cornerstone of modern biology. To be fair, according to the article related majors are covered and a spokesperson for the Department of Education says that the omission is probably a clerical oversight.

But it is interesting that the only major with evolution in the title is not on the list. Supporting the clerical error idea is the fact that exercise physiology and behavioral sciences are also missing.

Tip of the antennae to Liz Craig for this one.

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