Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kansas Board of Education-What's Next?

There is a good analysis in the Lawrence Journal World of what is likely to happen in Kansas this fall with the board of education elections. Of course the conservatives are putting on their best spin on their defeat and arguing that the remaining conservatives are probably pretty safe from the moderates.

Conservative education activist Cindy Duckett claims for instance that “the pendulum will swing in two years.” I hope not, but the issue will not be settled until the public develops a better understanding of science and true critical thinking as opposed to the pseudocritical thinking pawned of on unsuspecting Kansans by creationists and their 'teach the controversy mantra.'

And I really love her other comment:

“...The primary elections were really about competence.”

She's absolutely right; those candidates that were least competent in their understanding of science tended to loose!

But the fall election will be decided, as are so many Kansas elections, by which relatively small group can best motivate their followers. Sad. Also I wonder where this conservative vs moderate controversy will spill over next.

By the way Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble is really on top of all this stuff so make sure you check his blog for the latest information about Kansas politics. Plus, I see he has a great article about Biblical sex, if Kansas Politics isn't your cup of Java.

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