Friday, August 25, 2006

Psssss! A Hot Tip for Americans.

The paper back version of Chris Mooney's book "The Republican War on Science" is just about to be released. Here is an excerpt dealing with Republicans and Intelligent Design. Definitely worth a look!

Not a whole lot new for those of us that follow current Republican antics, but maybe, just maybe Americans-especially Republicans will start to connect the dots and understand the harm the Bush administration is doing to our country.

This quote should give you a feel for Mooney's thesis:

"The next three chapters demonstrate how cultural conservatives have disregarded, distorted, and abused science on the issues of evolution, embryonic stem cell research, the relation of abortion to health risks for women, and sex education. In the process, we will encounter more ideologically driven think tanks, more questionable science, and more conservative politicians willing to embrace it."

Tip of the Antennae to Lee Allison for this one.

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