Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kansas Board of Education Evolves again..Maybe

Good news for education moderates last night. It looks like the balance of power in the Kansas Board of Education has shifted with the election of candidates opposing the current science standards. In particular, not only has moderate Janet Waugh kept her seat, but Connie Norris who is infamous for her religiously conservative stances on any number of issues from evolution to immigrants, has apparently been defeated by a moderate Republican.

But it looks like John Bacon and Ken Willard are still in the race. This could leave the conservatives with 3 seats (Stave Abrams was not up for election). About the Bacon race, is that he seems to have won merely because the opposition was split between two moderates. Presumably moderate attention will shift to getting Bacon out.

This time the moderates were slightly better organized and given the small voter turn out, primary results are very sensitive to small changes in motivation of one subgroup or another.
As Steve Case notes in the Kansas City Star today:

"“One of the things that really bothers me is that people don'’t vote," he said. "Especially in primaries. Because people with an agenda do vote, and they win."

What a sad state of affairs, only it is one that is nationwide, not restricted to Kansas.

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