Monday, August 07, 2006

Update on Meade KS controversy

Update again from the Lawrence Journal World 8/2/29/06

I don't know if there is more to the Knight's relationship with the rest of the town or not but this quote about the Phelps clan from the article pretty much sums it up:

“It’s just not right,” said Suzan Seybert, a 30-year resident of the southwest Kansas community, as she watched Shirley Phelps-Roper’s children chanting about homosexuals burning in hell. “I think it’s despicable to start to teach your children at such a young age the word ‘hate’. It’s just the worst thing you can do.”

There is an article
about the rainbow flag controversy in today's Lawrence Journal World. There are some unsubstantiated charges made in the discussion about the article about the motivation of the B&B owners. Meanwhile, someone apparently decide to cut the flag off. Never mind, the Knight's have plenty more flags. One poster, lakeway_hotel_fraud, who claims to be gay, alleges that the Knights basically engineered this whole thing to attract gay business, and further that he has a partial recording to back his claim up. You can read these yourself and decide.

All I know are the documented comments made by various town's people about the flag and gays additional ones are mentioned in the LJ World article. For instance:

Waitress Vicky Best said...

"It's hard enough to keep your kids on the straight and narrow without outside influences like that,"she complains. "We stay in a small town to stay away from the crap like that that's happening in big cities,"she said, calling homosexuality 'biblically wrong.' "

Is it any wonder that people are leaving much of small town Kansas in droves?

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