Monday, June 02, 2008

Beauty in Second Life...

My last major post discussed evolution and beauty. By the way that post was also sent to my science blog where it generated a lot of discussion so check it out at:

Today I was down loading the new edition of Sculptie paint. This is a software tool for making irregular shaped objects called "sculpted prims"in Second Life. The creator is Cel Edman (at least that is his avatar's name) and today I briefly chatted with him and visited two of his second life sites. First his store where he sells prepackaged sculpties for those who need certain types of irregular shapes. For instance-building stairs the old way in second life eats up a lot of prims, but Cell has a stair tool which allows you to create single prim stairs. Remember in Second Life you are limited in the number of prims based on how much land you every prim counts!

Outside his store is a wonderful set of sculpted forms:

At Cel's Store

Cel also tells me that he has never really had time to build in SL and he has recently bought land in a public area and has begun to build some really exciting things. For instance, check out this wonderful sculpted prim tree and how in interacts with the light and fog in the sim.

Cel's experimental build

Oops a storm is moving in and my battery back up has just kicked on.

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