Sunday, June 15, 2008

Protein Motif

Protein Motif
Originally uploaded by pdecell
My first Second Life video. Enjoy and either comment here or on Flickr. The animation is a complex sculpture of 3 sculpted prims free to rotate independently and intersect each other leading to complex patterns. My avatar (Simone) is sitting on the sculpture as in a dream.

The video was produced using Camtasia Studio, as a windows media file, and uploaded to Flickr. Flickr can only make 90 second videos and apparently takes the format you upload and processes it into an Adobe Flash file. What is frustrating aside from the 90 second limit is that Flickr won't accept Flash files!

The sound track is a translation of a protein called Gamma Crystallin, courtesy of Max Chatnoir of Genome Island.

If you have Second Life installed:

Visit Simone and her sculpture at:

and visit Max at Genome Island at:

As a tip, use the highest quality settings you can use to produce your video before uploading to Flickr. I could not get mov files to work but Windows media files worked fine. Flickr does have a video upload limit of 150MB.
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