Friday, June 13, 2008

Now You See It...

On Wednesday I giving my Second Life office a make over to make it more comfortable looking when I suddenly could not take stuff from my inventory folders into my land. So I got on SL's help chat and Rika, the tech I got at SL patiently had me try various things. None of them worked. So she had to reboot my entire region.

I went across the way to the next region to watch what happens when a region is taken off line. My office is the low build with the green roof. Not very imaginative I know:

Now you see it:

now you see it

Now you don't:

now you dont

While I was waiting for my region to be restored I found this wonderful build nearby-

Philia's Woods

where I could relax a bit:

Philia's Woods

The reboot worked and I could could return to my Second Life office:


Having access to online help is one advantage of a premium account and Rika was great. She probably spent 20 minutes working with me to figure out what the problem was. Second Life has been experiencing inventory problems this week and it may be that my problem was connected to that.

If you have the Second Life client on your machine you can visit my office/laboratory at
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