Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Global warming skeptics that is. Turns out they are taking a page from Creationists who love to put out lists of scientists who support their positions. Over at Lightbucket there is an interesting post shedding light on the antics of the Heartland Institute(website, sourcewatch) with it's list of 500 scientists who are supposedly global warming skeptics.

Check it out at:

From the post:

"The list of Dennis Avery’s coauthors immediately looks odd. Some of the scientists are dead, some don’t exist [6], and the deceased astrologer Theodor Landscheidt is on it. Extraordinarily, Michael Mann, the author of the “hockey stick” paper, and one of the scientists running the RealClimate blog, is on the list as a coauthor “whose research contradicts man-made global warming” !"

Desmogblog at has been doing a great job of tracking this story.

See that blog's latest update at
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