Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ice pictures

Water is amazing stuff for such a simple compound, endlessly varied in form. Today I was out at Baker Wetlands with my son and I got caught up in shooting pictures of the thin sheets of ice I was encountering. So here are some of the best with links to larger images on my flicker photostream.

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I love all the contrasting textures in this image, the leathery surface of the leaf against the slick half melted ice. Reminds me of the woodland pools of my home in New England where in March you can find wood frogs calling. No frogs here.


The fluorescent looking blue in this ice ledge is of course the sky.

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Another ledge with little stalactites of water that had refrozen on the under surface of the ledge.


This is an odd shot of an air bubble in a puddle trapped underneath the ice. What makes it odd is that the entire boundary between the air and the thawed water was apparently still frozen. This possibility wasn't clear to me in the field, so I will have to watch for this sort of thing and check to see if my interpretation is correct.


This is another bubble shot. Notice all the little bubbles including some that appear attached, yet unfrozen to the main bubble. It isn't clear to me if the big bubble still has a frozen boundary or if the smaller bubbles just have not merged with the big one because of surface tension. This sometimes happens.
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