Friday, March 16, 2007

Interview with Steve Stanton

There is an interview over at Gender Public Advocacy with Steve Stanton. Here is the highlight for me:

" The other thing up until then I was really able to segregate and compartmentalize a very bifurcated lifestyle to make sure that the world of Susan’s never clashed with the needs and the world of Steven. And for the first time in my life they did. And it scared me and it brought a sense of realization that I can’t continue to hide what I feel is an extremely dynamic part of my personality. Not only is it dishonest but it’s not going to continue to work."

Well said. By the way as noted by Jen over at Transcending Gender, Steve does want male pronouns used to refer to him for now. That makes sense since he presents as male currently. Tip of the antennae to Jen for the link to the Gender Advocacy interview.

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