Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Obligatory Spring Goose

Because every blog needs one...

Actually this ties in to my posts about endemic invasive species since Canadian Geese are sometimes thought to a nuisance, especially around golf courses because they eat the grass and leave green droppings behind especially in Overland Park where I took this picture today. Let's see now..geese or golf courses, not much of a choice-give me the geese. They are the biggest bird the average person is likely to encounter. My only worry is that the geese might get an overdose of herbicides.

Geese are certainly opportunistic and have taken well to urban and suburban haunts. A similar urban bird phenomenon has been noted with crows, another traditionally rural species that has adapted to urban life, sometimes making pests of themselves. It's not clear if these shifts from rural to urban life are due to natural selection (Can you say evolution?) or due to learned behavior.

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