Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on gender discrimination cases...

According to a report in Beliefnet, Transgender, Julie Nemecek, who had been fired from her teaching job at Spring Arbor University has settled with the school in negotiations mediated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Details of the settlement are being kept private but Nemecek is quoted as saying "both walked away happy."

Meanwhile in Florida, transgender Susan(Steve) Stanton has decided to appeal her case to the Largo City Commission which earlier had voted to fire Stanton for disclosing that she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy and planning to have sexual reassignment surgery. The appeal was scheduled for March 23, though according to the report in the St Petersburg Times , her attorney has a conflict on that date but the commission refused to move the date to a time in April.

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His Second Self. A very good article about Stanton's history and struggles to come to grips with gender identity and the toll this has taken on her relationship with her family.

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