Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ten Thousand Visits!

Today, theforcethat had its 10,000th visitor. I think it is fitting that the 10,000 visitor was not an American but rather a person from Turkey.

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I remember my brother's radio studio in a converted coal cellar with all his transmitting equipment and being with him as he scanned the dial for new contacts. He would get all excited when he made a new contact and when he received a post card with the call letters of the contact to post on his wall.

How communication has changed in about 50 years. Are we any better off? In some little ways yes, but at times I think we are in a race between increased understanding fostered by increased communication and increased intolerance as nationalistic and fundamentalist reactions against the modern world become more violent. It's not always clear who is winning.

My 10,000th visit was from a person who came to my site via a search for flowers and I hope he or she enjoyed the water lily from my pond. I would like to hope that increased understanding is winning... one click at a time.
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