Thursday, July 27, 2006

And Shame from My Home State


Intimidation is wrong all the way around folks. See my earlier post on Kansas. From Provincetown MA in my home state comes this unfortunate set of incidents. Again just because someone disagrees with you in this case on the issue of gay marriage, that's no reason to do some of the things described in this article.

What I find most interesting is what the article reports from the Pastor of the local Catholic Church:

Dahl said he is offended that some proponents of same-sex marriage have equated the opposing view with bigotry. "I'll take ownership of being a Catholic and being a signer of the petition, but I won't take ownership of being a bigot"

I know myself, as a pro gay marriage Catholic, that people of good conscience can disagree here, but that doesn't automatically make them a bigot or for that matter homophobic. Both these terms in my opinion are way over used.

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