Monday, July 24, 2006

So it's not about science at all!

Jack Kreb's reporting on John Calvert nicely explains how the controversy about evolution in Kansas is not about science at all.

Check out these road signs and a section of John Calvert's talk.

I especially like how Calvert manages to bring up those antievolutionist red herrings of Haeckel's embryo's. Not sure what the problem is with Darwin's finches-oh that's right microevolution has been shown but it doesn't appear to have direction. Never mind that that is the POINT-evolution is not goal oriented but hey who really expects to win against creationists such as Mr. Calvert anyway.

Calvert says: "That'’s the problem. Government is prejudging the question. Where do we come from? We come from a material cause."

Ya think maybe he is a tad confused about theological vs scientific explanations?

More on Calvert's antievolution roadshow is reported by Silkworm.

Silkworm also has a nice set of summaries related to a young Earth creationist meeting that was held in Wichita during April. Great reading.

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