Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Seeing the Xylocopa


Seeing the Xylocopa
bite the base of these flowers
Fills me with the smell of nectar
When I learned to pull the florets from the heads
Of sweet clover,
Taste that barely sweet liquid before it is reduced
By bees for food for their young.
And I should be filled with good comforting thoughts
Of my innocent times and my first crush on a girl.
But standing among the Xylocopa all I can think of
Is hurting you without thinking
When I wanted to fit in with the boys.
And suddenly I smell a nectar
Better suited to the flies.

This is my submission for this week's Poetry Thursday and this week's theme of food. Not exactly a food poem; a more foody poem is at my poetry site: http://staff.jccc.net/pdecell/personal/poetrywind/meditation.html

Neither of these are comfort food type poems. If you want comfort today, look elsewhere. The Xylocopa poem is new as of this morning and the trigger for the poem came yesterday when I was at the greenhouse where I teach taking pictures and there were all these carpenter bees(Xylocopa virginica) some of which were doing what this one was doing-biting the bases of flowers to get at the nectar and that reminded me of this little thing I did when I was small-picking a bunch of florets from clover and eating the bases to taste the sweet nectar.

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