Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Dreamed Of Heidi

I Dreamed Of Heidi
Originally uploaded by Machine.
Recently I have been looking at various photostreams on Flickr since I use Flickr for my photos. In my side bar you will find photostreams of note. Most the photostreams I have picked up on concentrate on insects or plants but there are some others you might check out.

One I stumbled on today is by Machine who does wonderful portraits. This one I dream of Heidi, is part of a great set that I hope my visitors will hop on over and see. Machine does a wonderful job of lighting and the first image I saw (below) was like a Vemeer painting.

Here it is.

My apologies to Machine for downloading it directly but I wanted to keep in in the same post as about Heidi. Machine also has a fun blog Something like a Photographer, worth a look.

Machine's work comes to me via Jen at

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